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Contact Us

Are you looking to book County Line at your business, venue, event, or anything else in-between?


Send us a message with the details of the event. Here are common questions we ask:

  • Is sound and lighting provided or will we be providing it? 

  • What time does the show start and when does it end? 

  • How big is the stage?

  • Is there parking near the stage?


Listen to our original music and let us know what you think! Leave a review on iTunes or follow us on Spotify.

Want to learn more about who you are booking? Here is a link to download our latest Electronic Press Kit to give you a quick overview. 

Check out our YouTube for some live videos and other interesting things. Make sure to hit that subscribe button.

FANS: If you know of a place you'd like us to play, download and send it to your favorite venue. 

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